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About Me

Just like everybody else I grew up with a lot of adversity and was forced to grow up at a young age! I knew if I kept doing the same things that my peers and the people around me were doing, it was only a matter of time before I started getting the same consequences that they were. So I made the decision to flip everything I was doing and make it a legal hustle. I decided to learn a trade, because I knew there was a strong possibility I wouldn’t go through with college; I barely graduated high school my right year. Throughout my years of barber college I encountered many struggles, things like it taking me about 2 years to graduate and receive my license, but I also went through having my barber supplies stolen from me a total of 3 different times, twice a in Columbus, OH where I’m from, then once in Atlanta. I have worked at a total of 8 barbershops. That brings me to talk about Atlanta where I now reside. It was a very slow start up and transition for me as far as clients go. I then came up with the idea to make an ad on Craigslist offering free haircuts, just to get my name out there in the community. It started to work as I had people coming to my garage to get their haircut. Not long after that I started working at my very first barber shop in Hiram, GA. My very last experience working in a barbershop was at a barbershop in the heart of the city. From there I transitioned to a suite full time. I’m very big on grooming, good customer service and experience, rather than “just a haircut”…

"I know for me, barbering saved my life! So I want to help do that for the younger generation and help get them started early!"

WhAt is Dréy P's Cuttin' Up Jr Academy?

Dréy Ps Cuttin’ up jr Academy is a community of learners  “A tribe” A tribe learning with and from one another to help gain and strengthen each other as a barber and as a person as well. We will do things such as give back to the community, learn to always serve and be the pillars of the community. Every other Sunday we will go out to the community and give FREE haircuts!


I want to teach and pour into the youth about business and barbering to give them some type of advantage and a leg up in the world! I want to teach the younger generation a trade and start teaching them at a young age not only how to cut hair, but how to run a business, have an entrepreneur mindset, learn about financial literacy, practice good customer service, learn how to do facials, talk a lot about sanitation … And much more! Nobody can take that away from them once they learn it!

Boost your Success

Teaching the youth the fundamentals of running a business, cutting hair, how to properly sanitize and possibly help Mom & Dad save some money.